It’s that time of year that we’re getting invited to a gang of galas, holiday parties and social gatherings. We’re also meeting new potential friends and boo’s. It’s the season for socially adaptable people. Those who, like me are comfortably talkative even with complete strangers.
However, we’ll also encounter the extremely annoying forced “Cool Kids”. Those who virtually stick their noses in the air and act “better” than others.

I’m not speaking of those who are shy or being genuinely preoccupied. This post shines a light on those people who purposely go out of their way to seem better than everyone.
Here are 7 signs you’re being too cool for school. It can also be tested on new people you meet this party season…


Top: Habitual via Rent the Runway / Jeans: NY & Co / Bag: Chanel / Lips: MAC Ruby Woo / Pumps: Christian Louboutin Iriza / Sunglasses: Old Similar / Watch: Michael Kors / Ring: YSL

1. You purposely show up late:
I’ve always heard that the acceptable grace period is 15 minutes. If its at someone’s home that’s appreciated by the host as it gives them a little extra time to factor in small set backs. Then there are those stubborn party goers who will get ready on time, only to hold off and make a grand entrance. I know someone who will go so far as to check a hosts Instagram posts and make sure the party is in full swing before calling their Uber. It is beyond annoying.

2. You huddle in cliques and scoff at anyone who approaches:
This tends to happen when you’re invited to a friend’s birthday or private party. There may be only a few people you know in common. The second you walk into the room or establishment, there are those “Why is SHE here?” looks. SO rude. Wouldn’t you want your friend to have a large turnout? I once was at a dinner party where I only knew the host. She’s a sweet girl but I ended up sitting right next to one of the cliques. They refused to engaged with me and acted bothered when I’d harmlessly chime in. I literally moved to another side where there was a warmer reception but still oddly cold. And I can typically make friends with ANYONE.

3. You hold off on responding to texts and calls just for kicks:
Now we’re all busy and have our own schedules but aren’t we over the whole Playing hard to get thing? Some people even do it with their platonic friends. They’re afraid to seem eager and boring. Here’s a thought… maybe actually develop a busy life. Then you can get back to people when you’re able with a genuine response. As opposed to “I’m sorry, I was out and about today” knowing full well you were chilling on the couch. In all fairness, I know that people (including me in the past) do this because others lose interest quickly when you seem too available. I’ve learned to sniff out and avoid these people. You’ll see more about them in category 4…

4. You get bored with people who show you genuine interest:
Ever heard the old term “I’d never join a club that would have me as a member?” These sort of cool people are constantly looking for what is unattainable. The moment you show interest as a friend or potential BAE, they disappear. What a sad way to live. They’ll soon find themselves surrounded by fair-weather friends or those who can take or leave them. Then if hardships or tragedy hits, they’ll have to humbly make their way back to their Day-Ones.
I’ve been guilty of this in my younger years and have definitely learned the hard way.

5. You don’t respond to texts at ALL:
Blame it on my Gemini-ness need to communicate, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially when someone has reached out to me first.
Them: Hey, we haven’t hung out in a while. Are you free to catch up this evening?
ME (right away): Sure, when and where?
Them: (silence)
Them: (4 hours later) Hey I’m at that little spot near your place. Wanna meet me now?
GRRRR NO! I’ve either already made plans or I’m nestled in my PJs.

6. Once you post an outfit to Social media… it’s DEAD to you:
“I’ve already worn this on Instagram so I’m going to sell it”. Or, “I can’t where this to an event because I’ve worn it on Instagram. CALM down. Lol. People really aren’t keeping tabs on what you’ve worn or posted. If they are that’s their problem not yours. I’ve been known to wear and restyle an outfit repeatedly. I’ll also post it more than once, especially if I love it.
Now, wearing the same exact outfit for back-to-back events is where I’ll draw the line.

7. You’ll only tag or be seen with people who have a certain amount of followers:
Some go so far as only inviting people with a certain level of “clout”. Now I will say, that for influencers we may have to do this for sponsored blogger events. But refraining from snapping photos of or even including friends because of their social media status is just sad and distasteful.

8. You treat friends differently around a crowd:
They’re sweet as pie to you alone. Then when there’s an audience they talk down to or make you the butt of their jokes. I had a very close friend who would do this. Especially around men. If a guy approached me over her she would be so nasty to him for no reason. I had to painfully cut off that relationship. She would loudly speak derivatively to me in public as well.

9. Everyone in your life has a purpose:
Now it is great to hang around like-minded people who can motivate and help propel you in the right direction. But are you reciprocating? Or are you a social vampire who only wants to surround yourself with those who’ll elevate your cool status.
The sad thing about this is that they often skim along without being detected. Social Climbers can have very charming and intoxicating personalities. They know how to stroke your ego just right.

10. You’ll ONLY wear name brands:
It must be designer from head to toe. You’ve seen an item that looked nice, loved how it felt in your hands yet turned up your nose when you see that it’s not name brand.
I admit that I can be a shoe and bag snob. They’re the pieces I get the most wear out of, so I don’t mind splurging. However, I have no problem shopping budget items for clothing etc. I’ve even been known to spend $8 on a thrifted no-name piece and rock it for years. There’s so much pleasure in mixing highs and lows. Or even staying on the low end completely. Even if you can afford the alternative.

What are some Too Cool for School action that gnaw at your nerves?