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After over 2 years of working strictly for myself, I will be entering the corporate 9 to 5 world again in January. I really enjoyed setting my own schedule and vacationing as I pleased but began to miss the structure and team aspect of an office. Entrepreneurship can also be a fickle mistress and financial security is priority number one. Fortunately I found a place that I LOVE or we actually found each other. It’s close to home, I adore my new co workers and it raises new challenges that I’m ready to tackle!

The main challenge will be balancing the corporate and Entrepreneur aspects again. Because Mama likes to keep multiple strains of income. I’ve already started working at the corporate office for a few weeks here and there. During that time, I’ve been able to seamlessly implement these 10 realistic daily tips for side hustlers. They’ve been tacked on to some I’d use while working corporate + running a business in the past. One of them includes cool ways to sport versatile pieces like this business on the left, party on the right ensemble…

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1. Work YOUR business on YOUR own time. I know this can be challenging. Especially when it may be a slow dip in the day and your personal business email address is just one click away. However we all know that an entrepreneur’s job is never done and one little thing can quickly turn into five. This is not only unfair to your employer but it knocks you off your game and will stunt your corporate growth.

2. Set your corporate longevity or exit strategy goals. Do this from the start. Some of you will want to leave and focus on your dream job. Others may want to stay in their corporate field until retirement. Either way set clear goals of what you’ll need to save, investments that can be made and always MAX your 401k to as much as the company will match!

3. See your day job as one of your biggest investors. It’s so easy to get into a daily rut and resent your job. Especially when you feel it’s keeping you from focusing on your dreams. But one of the hardest things for a business owner to secure is a consistent investor. Especially at your start up phase. Sure you’re putting in hours of work, but you’re also raking in some cash flow. Still doesn’t feel like an advantage? Well, cut back some of your expenses that aren’t dire. Daily Starbucks visits, excessive travel and that brand new pair of shoes (yeah I said it).

4. Keep a timed evening work to do list and STICK to it every night. I realize that this can be very challenging. You may have to say no to a few Happy Hours and events. Unless of course they’re networking gathering that will help drum up more business. Here is a brief look into my list for today. I try to time it to the minute and by every last.

5. Maximize your weekend This can be tough as well but when I’m working a 9 to 5, I only give myself one day off. Since I’ll often need to shoot photos, I tend to work on the sunnier of the two days and leave the other to myself and friends.

6. Set doable business hours for yourself and stick to them I typically work 4 hours in the evenings and 4-6 hours on a weekend day.

7. Maximize your lunch hour This is where you can answer your emails that need faster attention or make phone calls to clients with regular business hours. You may need to take your lunch either an hour before or after the rest of the world to be sure they’re available. I like taking mine at 1pm if possible.

8. Speak about your personal money business minimal if at all. I get it! You’re excited about your business. Not only that but you probably work with potential clients. But keep talks about your side hustle to a minimum. If someone asks where you got that dress, who does your hair or who took those stunning pictures of your kids you can modestly say you do it on the side, then provide info ONLY if asked. Don’t worry… word of mouth will travel quickly and your boss will less likely be threatened if he sees your focused during business hours.

9. Realize that your job is a blessing This ties in well with Tip 3. It’s rarely easy to wake up to a blaring alarm clock for a job that you may feel serves someone else more than yourself. But try to focus on the positive. You have consistency that WILL feed your dreams if you let them.

10. If its not a blessing, make it so or look for something else. Let’s face it. Some jobs are just temporary. Some jobs suck the life out of you no matter how hard you try. Some bosses are impossible to work with. In this case try applying to another position on your company’s job board. You may be able to find something you love right under your nose. If not, keep your resume updated and start searching. Giving up 40 hours of your sanity per week is hardly ever worth it.

11. Buy fashion pieces that work overtime just like you. These should include classic pieces with a bit of edge, comfort or trend (depending on your after hours field). They should be looks that can transition from the office to events that appease your side or dream Hustle.
KEEP a killer pair of heels and clutch in your purse. Buy eye catching separates in solid bold colors. Then trade the pants or shirt for a cool pair of jeans. Also invest in a few long blazers or cardigans that can easily be draped of a nice dress. Then voila, you rip it off by 5pm like some fabulous Super Woman! This is what I plan to do with this Business little number I’m wearing from Lovelywholesale. You can too with this dress and everything else on their site. Use my code bling10 for an extra 10% off!

Best of luck in all your Boss Girl and Man endeavors!