A few days ago, I was tagged by the gorgeous and ever chic Shenny Kings for this fun get-to-know-me project. See her sweet and funny post here

So here it goes. In no particular order and off the top of my head…

1. I was born on an Air Force base in Dover, Delaware.

2. My favorite colors are pink, leopard and bling. Yes those TOTALLY make sense.

3. I am very VERY near sighted.

4. NYE is my favorite holiday.

5. I hate the way I look in cocktail dresses, which makes dressing for #4 challenging.

6. I don’t get what all the hype over the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” is all about *gasp*!

7. I frequently count or spell out words with each step as I walk.

8. The number 8 is my favorite.

9. Bluebell Homemade is the only acceptable Vanilla ice cream on earth.

10. Sex and the City is my all time favorite show (naturally).

11. I’m a Carrie/Miranda hybrid with a splash of Charlotte.

12. I’ve always found something incredibly sexy about Forrest Whitaker.

13. The fact that the Drexyl Spivey from “True Romance” and the bad guy from “The 5th Element” are the same person blows. My. Mind!

14. Gary Oldman is my favorite actor (see #13)

14. I’ve once literally shopped till I dropped. Long story short it was a full day of shopping with a half day of not eating. I fainted in the check out line of an H&M. The first thing I asked when I came to was a fuzzy “did you hold my items?”

15. I get my love of fashion from magazines but my love of style from my mother.

16. I own an online store.

17. I’m a Gemini.

18. My 2nd favorite number is 18.

19. My husband & I married after only knowing each other for 9 months. *Best decision EVER!

20. Oprah is my everything!

21. Ralph Macchio was my first crush, soon to be replaced by Vanilla Ice. “Word to Your Mutha”!

22. People mistook me for Rudy Huxtable when I was a kid.

23. One of my favorite bottles of wine is a Malbec with an upside down yellow duck on the label. I get it at Wal-Mart for a whopping $3.99.

24. I don’t do crazy roller coasters. I’m always POSITIVE that I’ll die. Not everyone on the ride…just me.

25. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty (I’m talking manual labor not crime or anything shady).

26. I can pretty much go anywhere and make friends with anyone.

27. I am incredibly loyal, slow to anger (unless you mess with someone I love) and quick to forgive.

28. You CAN sit with me.

29. Getting my eyebrows threaded HURTS and brings me to tears. It’s waxing or nothing for me.

30. I pity racist people (of all colors). They miss out on so many great friendships.

Thanks again for including me Shenny Kings!

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