When spring comes around, it’s as if we get a whole new outlook on life. It’s like the clouds have cleared and the sun has emerged. We wake up from winter hibernation and remember what it’s like to spend time outdoors again. Spring is the best!

One of the other awesome things about spring is the fashion. Wearing boots was fun and all, but they’ve had enough time in the spotlight. Now, it’s time to stow away all the winter wear and bring out the spring wardrobe. As if we needed any more excuses to get a new pedicure, it’s time to show off those legs and let your 10 little piggies come out to play!

With that being said, there is a ton of spring fashion this season that is worth wearing. The trending styles are easy enough for all kinds of fashionistas to try. If you need a little help picking out your new spring wardrobe, I’ve gathered some of the top spring fashion trends you’re sure to see just about everywhere.

Backless Maxi

1. Romantic Maxis

Maxi dresses aren’t just beachwear anymore. Like I’ve mentioned before, maxis are actually taking a different turn this season. Designers are drawing inspiration from history books and making these dresses much more romantic with burnout floral patterns and fairytale ruffle details. It’s definitely the year of ladylike proportions, which is a nice change from the “boyfriend” style we’ve been working so hard to master.

Melody Sours (3)

2. Graphic Stripes

To offset the frilly romance of some spring trends, the stark stripes seen on runways are sure to mix things up. We all know that nautical stripes are always a go-to for spring, but step just a little more outside of that box, and you’ll find big, bold stripes in contrasting colors like red, blue, yellow, white, and black. Just take a look at #3 here if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.


3. Off-the-Shoulder

Back to the extra-feminine side of spring 2016… Off-the-shoulder styles are having a huge moment. Complete with billowy sleeves and boho chic vibes, shoulder-baring tops and dresses are all the rage for this spring. Chloe and Michael Kors are just a couple of designers noted in this article among many that opted to leave shoulders uncovered in their spring 2016 collections. An off-the-shoulder top is a great way to show a little skin without feeling exposed.

lace-up dress givenchy lyst

4. Lace-up

Whether in the form of sandals, heels, dresses or tops, if laces can be involved, it’s a hit. Lace-up shoes are reminiscent of ballerina shoes (again, feminine), but lace-up tops and dresses are little more grungy with the use of leather and suede materials. No matter which way this trend is utilized, it’s a small but impactful detail to bring an otherwise plain outfit to a new level. It’s also really sexy on a dress, like the ones you see when searching “lace-up” in this edit.

This spring, keep an eye out for feminine looks with ruffles, frills, and shoulder-baring details. If the girly trends are too extreme for you, you can always contrast with loafers or structured jackets to bring more masculine features into the mix. Either way, it’s important to have fun with your look and not be afraid to try new things.

Happy spring shopping!