One of my favorite things about blogging has been the authentic connections I’ve made with countless like minded women. Bonds are so strong with these beauties that they were willing to wake up early on a Saturday, leave the city and hang out with me in a country setting.

Trust when I say that these connections weren’t made over night. I’ve not always been the best at networking or initiating contact. I would stick to myself or bring a group of friends to lean on. However, I knew that I wanted to eventually contribute more to the blogging/entrepreneurial community.

So with over 4 years of trial and error, I’ve learned to implement these 7 tips on building your blogger tribe when networking virtually or in person.
Fun Fact: These apply for networking in just about all professions.










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1. Go to networking and social events alone.
I know, I know having a friend or two tag along serves as the best security blanket. However, they will hinder you from making connections and meeting new folks. You’ll be less likely to greet people and also exude an unapproachable to thse possibly dying to meet you.

2. Find someone else who is alone.
Chances are they are feeling just as nervous and awkward as you. I’ve tried this at every event I’ve attended and ALWAYS make connections using this simple method.
Bonus: At times they are waiting for friends who they’ll gladly introduce you to once they arrive.

3. Screenshots are your friends.
I’ve found that in the blogger world a lot of people do not carry cards (I suggest your always carry a small stack). Influencers tend to participate in something I like to call “Instacarding”. You follow each other on Instagram. This should not simply serve as a ploy to get more followers. I like to follow up on these new virtual connections but they can get lost in the social media shuffle. So I now take instant screenshots after following someone new at an event. I do it right there on the spot. Then when I’m ready to follow up I simply scroll through my camera and know exactly who to message.

4. Respect the art of a 48 hour follow up.
I follow this rule religiously. You want your exchange to be fresh on each other’s minds. Be sure to bring up something exclusive to your conversation while meeting. For example “Hi, I’m _____ the lifestyle blogger who kept drooling over your shoes…”
Let your portal of communication mirror your initial exchange of information. If you obtained a business card, reach out with a quick email message. If you Instacarded send over a quick DM.

5. Slide in their DM’s.
We’ve all done it. We’ve seen someone on Instagram who we admire and with whom we’d love to collaborate. Then we realize that they’re in the same city as us… But how do we make that first move without sounding spammy or stalker-ish? Keep it short and honest. Start by briefly introducing yourself then tell them specifically what you admire about their work. This is imperative as it shows the integrity of your interest. No one likes a copy and pasted DM that could be meant for anyone.
Give it 24 hours. If the DM isn’t marked as “Seen” simply send a brief message to their email address (typically found in their profile Bio).

6. Reach out with a clear, concise plan.
The foundation to this tip is to make it as easy on them as possible. Make sure you’re presenting the what, when, where and how this will benefit THEM as well as you.
If you’re reaching out to collaborate, be clear with your concept. Lay out what you will provide along with what is expected of them.
This also goes for something as simple as asking to meet for coffee. Take it upon your self to narrow down a date, time (preferably a VERY cute and Instagrammable) coffee shop.

7. Do not take rejection or silence personally.
You are likely to get more non responses than yeses or even no’s. Don’t be petty and look at them sidewise should you meet at a future event. Most importantly do NOT take this as a negative reflection on you. It usually means the person can not place themselves within your vision. Them voicing this or nothing at all is truly a favor to you. The alternative is wasting your time and precious energy. No one wants that.

Or perhaps they just don’t believe in you or feel you’d add no value to their brand/vision This is harsh I know but use it as fuel to your inevitable fire and prove them wrong!

I would love to hear about which tips you’ll use first and how they work out for you.