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If you saw the last Dating Diary on my Instastories you know that I took a 2 week break from dating. I know that doesn’t sound like much but a girl REALLY needs these hiatuses every now and then.
You may be in my current boat of frequently dating and getting a little frustrated or where I was 3 years ago after a divorce (my break was a lot longer then). Wherever you are on your journey, here are some major signs you’re ready to date again after a hiatus. If you’re not aligned with most of these 18 tips, you should definitely extend your break. It will do you heart and soul SO much good. So, are you ready to date again?..

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1. You’re no longer Angry with your Ex: You can be 100% done and may never care to set eyes on him. But the thought of him no longer makes your blood boil.

2. You think of what you can give as well as what you want to receive.

3. You’re happy as you are at this moment in your singleness.

4. You’re not expecting someone else to make you happy.

5. You have realistic expectations on dating.

6. You do not have jaded views of dating.

7. You’re comfortable with the notion of multi dating and do not hear wedding bells after a handful of dates. You’re not mentally calling him your boyfriend.

8. You’re comfortable in your skin. Sure we all have our insecurities but if you say more negative things about yourself physically than positive, it may not be a good time to date. Others can smell this and it will draw the wrong men.

9. You can take rejection. This includes being ghosted. UGH… why are people still doing this?: Sure it hurts. No one is happy with it but you take your lumps, try to learn from them and move on.

10. You’ve learned lessons from previous relationships and have taken responsibility for your part. Even if he caused all the problems in the relationship. You may need to be honest with yourself about why you entertained such a character. Otherwise, you’ll be doomed to repeat these mistakes.

11. You’re comfortable with and know when to take breaks. Look, dating is often tough and some of those frogs can even start to make you feel bitter. Be able to realize this and take dating hiatuses as needed.

12. You’re clear with your deal breakers: This and the tip above will keep you from swaying once you meet someone. For example. You’ve always wanted kids and marriage until you meet you new beau who doesn’t. Now you’re unfortunately convincing yourself that marriage is an archaic institution.

13. Your list of requirements is not unrealistic. You know your wants, deal breakers but you’re willing to compromise on everything in between.

14. You have passions and interests of your own.

15. You have healthy relationships with close family and friends that are unshakeable in your life. You’re not willing to give them up just for a man. Sure we may see them less in the start of a relationship and even less if we get married but those ties are iron clad. Having our own support system separate from a potential partner is key.

16. You’ve done the work on hurt from past relationships and any childhood traumas that may linger.

17. You realize that it’s romantic partners support but not carry each other.

18. You’ve spent some quality time alone without feeling depressed.