Tee: Thrifted, New Version / Skirt / Shoes / Bracelets: Wrist Soiree & Brina Box / Rings: Ell and Emm & T+JDesigns / Sunglasses / Lipstick: Ruby Woo

There’s something about the 4th of July that brings on a since of pride and nostalgia. We have these feelings for this great country of course, but also conjure sweet memories from our local cities. Live somewhere long enough and you’ll learn where to see the best fireworks, how early you should arrive and what you’ll need to bring. You’ll expect to wear your most comfy shoes for standing on the deck of that lucky neighbor who’s house faces the booming action. You’ll know if you need a blanket and folding chairs to lounge in an open field. You’ll be sure to pack a picnic basket or come empty handed to enjoy burgers and dogs cooking on the grill.

You look at your city differently than any other day. You’re able to marvel at its natural beauty and gather with people you may not have seen otherwise. For me Dallas is just that much more southern and beautiful on the fourth. Then as the firecrackers start I can’t help but think about my country as a whole. How far we’ve come, how far we’ll go and all the great heroes who make sacrifices for our freedom.

What are your fondest past 4th of July memories?