Celebrating 25 years with Curves

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Last week I tried Curves for the first time and it was nothing like I expected…

Curves 25 years

Celebrating 25 Years with Curves

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I strolled in expecting an easy work out and gab session with some of my fellow Dallas bloggers. Pretty fitness machines were set up in a circle and the class was set to last 30 minutes. Sounds easy right? Well, I was quickly corrected while sweating through the circuit session. We spent 15 seconds on each machine before switching to the next exercise. After completing one round I was beginning to feel that intense burn with my heart pounding.

The next morning I woke very sore but not unbearably. I attribute this to actually spending quality time at their stretching station (a step I usually skip after workouts). With strategically placed bars you’re able to get really good stretches without taking up too much space or sitting on the floor.

MY OVERALL OPINION: This is the perfect place for those who have limited time to workout. You can stop by for a 30 minute class or drop by whenever and start your own. Curves creates a memory chip that gages your needed resistance on machines. With this method the stations create ease or more resistance depending on your level of need. Pure Genius. This also makes it great for someone who hasn’t worked out in a while. Another factor perfect for those of us who infrequently lift iron… The staff and members are all women. So feel free to enjoy a quick workout with no makeup, no mirrors and no men.

Stop by and give it a shot and be sure you take advantage of the FREE first month. I know I’ll be using mine!

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