Cozy Sexy Sweater

While they’re comfortable, most chunky warm pieces can drown your frame and leave you looking dowdy. Well that’s not the case with this cozy sexy sweater…


Patricia Nash Pisticci

Patricia Nash Bag Pisticci

The Crescent Hotel
Sweater: Thrifted, Similar / Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft / Bag: Patricia Nash / Lips: MAC Oh Lady / Boots: Marc Fisher / Nails: OPI

If you follow southern bloggers you’ve probably heard many (myself excluded) complain about endless summers. There seems to be no real Fall or Winter here. This is not an issue with me. I LOVE warm weather and long sunny days.

Well to my chagrin, Dallas has experienced some of the coldest days I’ve ever seen this year. Last week temperatures dropped to 15 degrees. To make matters worse, there was no snow to show for it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am just not a fan of cold weather. Even when Texas gets up to 100 degrees you’ll never here of my longing for winter. This brisk windy air HURTS and the sun goes down far too early for my blood.

However, I was able to find a silver lining this winter. Since temperatures dropped so low Texans found ourselves forced to actually shop for the cold. Getting creative with sweaters has been my favorite part. Instead of oversized oppressive fits, designers are providing plenty with sexy little details. Off the shoulder, choker illusion and strategically placed cut outs are my faves!

This one is a thrift find from Buffalo Exchange. They had more than one so check your local store. If not I’ve linked several sexy, cozy sweaters¬†below. Enjoy!