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“This is 40”.
Hard to believe I’ll only be able to say that for another 4 months. It feels like I hit this blessed milestone just yesterday.
It’s true what they say… You really get on your grown woman “ish”. You have less time for ridiculous men, dead end jobs and one sided friendships. What you mostly lack time for is delaying plans for your dreams. Since turning 40 I’ve adopted a few mantras. One of my favorites is First Lady of Everything for many reasons…

First Lady of Everything

Melody Sours

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Melody McFann
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No I’m not in politics, nor am I married to a man who is (or to anyone for that matter). However, I proudly witnessed the impact that Mrs. Obama had on this country as first lady and the work she’s continuing to do since. I more than ever feel the need to bring that energy to all aspects in my life.
So yes, I’m First Lady of MY ever evolving career. I’m First Lady of giving back to causes that touch me and I’m definitely first lady of supporting my friends and colleague in whom I firmly believe.

What is your own personal platform? You may not be in your 40s like me but what are you saying no to and screaming yes for?!

Oh and let’s not forget the importance of a First Lady’s Style. Get this blazer and anything else on Shein for 15% off using my code 1BLING15.