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Melody Sours
Jacket: Lulu Lemon / Leggings: c/o DYI / Flats: c/o Tieks
Photography: Elizabeth Kerin of Beckley & Co

“So you mean to tell me I can wear flats or UGGS to the gym and THEN change into cozy socks to work out?…SOLD” This was my first reaction when I tried Barre for the first time a few years ago. But don’t let the cute stretches and subtle body tucking fool you, that first class was intense!

I was sore in places I didn’t know existed and contemplated walking out mid session. However, it’s now my favorite workout hands down!

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you. I have not been to a Barre class in months. But with beginning of the year specials, I’m definitely starting up again in a few days! At times it feels intimidating to get back into a routine in front of others when you’ve still got that holiday “pooch”. But these DYI leggings suck everything in just right and I swear make you look and feel 10 pounds leaner!

Pure Barre is the studio I’ve used but there are others all over Dallas and the U.S. Here are a couple of other big ones.

Bar Method

The Barre Code