The hubby and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary last week. While getting ready for dinner, I wanted to pick something that made me feel good and got his seal of approval. With the ever changing trends in women’s fashion, this is not always easy.

It’s true what they say… we dress for women more so than men. So what if we got into the heads of our guys and asked what they thought? Would we agree with what they had to say?

Christine of Hello Fashion Blog had a great idea when she asked her husband a few fun questions regarding her fashion sense. So I jotted them down for my boo. In his own words, here’s my husband’s opinion of my style…

Q: Heels or Sneakers

A: Heels

Christian Louboutins Decollete

Q: If you could rid my closet of one trend, what would it be?

A: There’s only one item of clothing I can think of that I’m not crazy about… and it’s those faded frayed denim shorts. They don’t do your body justice.
(I KNEW it! He always told me he liked them, but I could tell.)

Ripped Denim Short

Q: If you were my stylist, what would my closet be full of?

A: Wrap dresses, jeans, heels and those cute t-shirts with writing on them. They make your boobs look really good.

Black and White Tee

Q: What colors do you like or dislike?

A: I like the variety of colors you wear because it changes your look. I like white on you because of the contrast with your skin. I don’t like tans, pale yellows or other pastels.
(Whew neither do I)

Q: Glam or Edgy?

A: Edgy, unless we’re going to a fancy dinner.


How would your hubbies, boyfriends and significant others answer these questions?

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