Melody Sours

My name is Melody, but you already knew that. What you may not know is how and why I was given that name. Also why it’s important that you DON’T mistake it for Melanie!…

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Shein Botton Split Front Flare Maxi DressPatricia Nash PisticciDress: c/o Shein / Shoes: Valentinio Rockstud / Earrings: Express / Bag: Patricia Nash / Lips: MAC “Oh Lady” / Necklace: Rocksbox

Now don’t get me wrong, Melanie is a perfectly good name. I’ve always found it sweet and wholesome.
Melanie is the girl next door who asks you to come out and play as SOON as lunch is over in the summertime.
Melanie doodles “Melanie” followed by her boyfriend’s last name on book covers.
Melanie always received carnations in class on Valentine’s day… To this Melody’s chagrin… since she always got excited when she saw someone with a handful of flowers calling out Mel… only to hear the “anine” that followed. (Ok, now it’s getting VERY personal). Lol

Yes, Melody (Mel-Oh-Dee) is my name and I’m proud of why. Both of my parents LOVE music. I was raised listening to everything. The halls of our home were filled with everything from Al Green to Alan Jackson. I still love just about evert genre of music. They all have their good and bad. I can vibe with everything from Hip Hop to Classic rock. I’ll chill in a bar displaying a live Neyo Soul artist then head directly to one blaring Punk Rock. As Madonna said “Music Makes the People Come Together” and I carry that proudly in my name.

I’m a natural connector within groups like Dolls of Melanin and Dolls and Dandies.
Just like music… just like the melody.

So please… don’t replace the “D” for an “N”. It’s who I am.
However, if you do… I won’t yell at your or penalize you. I’ll politely correct you, while secretly knowing that you don’t read my blog posts. Lol

So, what’s YOUR name? What is it’s meaning from your parents?