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Last week on the Dating Recaps of my Instastories, I went out on a date with a MUCH younger man. 17 years younger to be exact. While this is shocking to even me, I must admit it’s not the youngest I’ve gone. (They’ve been old enough to drink, so please don’t clutch your pearls). I say this not to brag but to state that I have a bit of experience in the area. I’ve heard that I look a lot younger, which causes men in their early 20s to approach. Also most men my age are married with children. So they’re of COURSE off limits.

However, I’m beginning to feel that this may not be for me but I can see it working for so many women. The key is to know and be honest about where you stand in life. Then weigh these Pros & Cons of Dating Younger Men…

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Let me state first that the term “younger men” is relative to your age. I am 40 years old and have frequently dated men in their 20s and 30s.
I’ve also spoken with women in their twenties who will not date more that 2 years younger. This seems laughable until you consider the fact that women mature faster than men. So a 23 year old man vs a 25 year old woman can feel like a huge life gap. So a lot of these can apply to women in their 30s and 20s as well.

I always like to end things on a positive note. So let’s start with the bad news before delving into the good.

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1. They’re not clear on what they want out of life and may dump you when they figure it out.

2. They’re still dating around.

3. The concept of being honest in relationships is not “cool” to them.

4. Most are not financially stable.

5. They have a lot more time to think about starting a family.

6. Their mothers and family members may resent you.

7. They may not get your pop references.

8. You have an unfair advantage.

9. They’re more about pleasing themselves than you in bed.

10. Most are not chivalrous and think its cheesy.

11. Conversation is lacking.

12. You may start to feel like their mother.

13. There are many times when you’ll feel old.

14. Many want older women because we’re in our sexual primes and can provide financial help.

15. You’ll have to merge with their younger friends and may feel like an outsider.

16. The way they text and communicate will infuriate you. “WYD” is considered a nice way to start a conversation.

17. You’re expected to take the lead.

18. You’ll always be an older woman.

Ask a younger man his reasons for preferring older women and he’ll likely say these 4 things…
Sex, we have our stuff together, they can learn from us, and we come with no drama. These are usually true but where do we go when we need guidance or a leader? Also while flattering, no woman wants to constantly be seen as a sex object and we should be allowed a few dramatic moments as well. You’ll be expected to live up to their wild expectations.

Pros and cons of dating younger men


1. Whats the PG way to say this?… Things are and stay more at attention in the bedroom.

2. They come with a lot less relationship and emotional baggage than older men.

3. They’re usually at their physical peaks which makes them much easier on the eyes.

4. Bragging Rights: Let’s just be honest, being desired by a younger man is a huge stroke to the ego.

5. They make better listeners. I was shocked by this because you’d think it would be the other way around. Having less stressors makes them more open to listen and help with yours.

6. They’re eager to try and show you new things.

7. They’re more adventurous and will to take risks.

8. Life Longevity: Men statistically reach the end of life faster than women. With a younger man, you can balance this.

9. They’re more adaptable. Since we get more stuck in our ways with age, you’re likely to get more flexibility here.

10. There’s room for growth. Verses their older male counterparts who are more likely to say “This is just who I am so deal with it”.

11. They’re impressed by you. Especially if you’re one of the first older women they’ve dated. They’re intrigued by your impatience with games and the fact that you know what you want.

12. Their that much more impressive when they’re mature. Have you ever had a conversation with a younger person who was wise beyond their years? It’s quite a pleasant surprise.

13. Positive views of Feminism is more prevalent amongst younger men.

I’ve found that the main Pros have been adventure and having more freedom to be me. They’re usually more accepting of your quirks, can adapt easily and don’t take life so seriously. If you’re a woman who doesn’t mind taking the lead, this could be a heavenly match for you.

Some of my cons may be pros to you and vice versa. So of course make your own decision while dating. As mentioned before the key is to know your major likes and dislikes in love. Then keep a level head while choosing. A younger man may just work better for you.
It sure has worked for men since the dawn of time.