This is not just for the single girl. I know many married women and girlfriends who take themselves out on dates. I’ve done this countless times over the years, coupled or not. It’s so liberating, satisfying and you get to do all the little girly things your guy may not want to do with you. You also get to know and hang out with your only true forever friend… YOU.
If you are single, it can be even more rewarding. Perhaps all of your girlfriends are busy, out of town or curled up with their boos. Maybe you have not been asked out by a true contender in a while. Should you stay at home? You can, but only if you truly want to.
With crisp patio weather, why waste a perfectly good evening or afternoon alone. Click on to read my top tips for taking yourself out on a date. There are great ideas for the seasoned and novice lone dater…

1. Dress up for yourself. Sure, going out alone, means you’re technically not trying to impress a man. So why not impress yourself? Dress in a color that makes you feel and look vibrant. Slip on those jeans that make your butt feel perfect and hit the town.

2. Carry or wear a conversation piece. Perhaps its a statement bag that your man just doesn’t get. Or those over the top earrings that you haven’t had the cojones to sport. Wear it proudly and welcome the inquisitive conversation from friendly strangers.


Dress: Saloni via Rent the Runway / Bag: Kate Spade love this Coin Purse version for less / Shoes: Similar under $50 / Lips: MAC Oh Lady / Bracelet: Tiffany & Co

3. Sit at the bar. This is an age old trick that men have mastered. Are you a Sports Fan? Make sure your favorite team is being broadcasting before hand. Or simply wing it and strike up a conversation with other patrons or the bartender. It doesn’t have to be flirty, just friendly banter with cool people. If you’ve followed tip 2, this should come easily. Remember this is NOT all about meeting a potential suitor (especially if you’re already in a relationship).

4. Make reservations for One. Most cafes provide small tables if you’re not into the bar scene. Calling ahead assures you won’t be turned away, or waiting awkwardly alone for them to scramble and find a smaller table.

5. Bring that book you’ve been dying to read. I can recall being on a (bad) date years ago. I spotted a really pretty woman sitting alone. She was dressed nice and even sported a full but classy face of makeup. She was peacefully reading a book while slowly eating. I vividly remember envying her, as my date droned on about how great he was. There I was on an actual date, wishing I could switch places with the woman intently reading alone. However, I would suggest bringing a kindle if you’re enjoying an intense self-help read or something with a title like “How to Get that Man”. If that’s where you are on your journey, a book screaming this will be the quickest way to scare off potentials.

6. Watch a specialty film that only YOU’D enjoy. For me that would be a foreign film with subtitles and all. I also love off the wall independent movies and only a limited number of my friends are into this.

7. Take your time. Really enjoy and savor every bite of your meal. Order a delicious glass of wine or even a bottle (just be sure to use a car service). Order extra onions and garlic if you’d like, because you CAN. One of my favorite ways to indulge on a self date, is to order that luxurious piece of chocolate cake. Who’s there to complain about your food baby?

8. Go on a slow night. Not so ready to feel like an endless third wheel amongst a sea of couples? Then steer clear of weekend dinners. Instead pick an industry off night like Tuesday or Wednesday. You may even score a great deal on your tab.

9. Make the experience unique and special to you. I have a good friend who loves state fares, Oktoberfests and local festivals. Most of her friends (including me) aren’t so into that. So she’ll grab her own ticket and go alone. She gets to spend as much time checking out adventures most of us would unknowingly rush her through. She’s even met some pretty cool people along the way. Now when she wants to head to a festival, she has new friends who she knows will love it.

10. Make it a theme day. I remember when I saved up for my first luxury bag. It was a pink Chanel Shopper. I’d worked hard and saved for nearly 6 months to gather up the cash. Wanting to make a memorable day of it, I put on a cute casual dress, spritzed a little Coco Chanel Mademoiselle fragrance. Then I treated myself to a classic manicure before heading to CHANEL. After leaving with my coveted goodie, I headed to my favorite little French Cafe and ate quiche loraine on the patio. Talk about an adorable day date. And how many dates could you see taking you to do that without rolling his eyes. Lol

Any other ideas for a Self Date Night or Day? Are there places you’ve been nervous to try alone?
I hope give it a go, if you haven’t already. Its truly liberating and rewarding.