Should Women Approach Men

Last week I started an in-depth, of the moment Dating series on my Instagram Stories. It gives good, bad and ugly details from start to finish. I was so nervous to do this but have quickly learned that you all like hearing of my escapades as a Single girl in the city area of Dallas. One question that pops up so much as we’re out there amongst the opposite sex is Should Women Approach Men? Early this week I worked up the nerve to do just that. There’s this cute bartender I’d been eyeing for a while, who’d started dropping subtle hints. I went to his place of business, bought one drink, left a Facebook message afterwards. Then I shared what happened on my Stories…

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Here’s a sum up of what happened………………………………………………………………

Yes, those dots indicate silence. He never responded to my message even though its clear he saw it. I should’ve stuck to my usual dating rule to NEVER approach men. I believe that if they really want you they’ll make it happen.

Getting ignored stings a tiny bit but the silver lining is all of the Direct Messages I received from men and women. Just about all of the men were saying to go for it and even gave specific advice. The women were mixed with most advising against it.

So, should women approach men?
The answer to this depends on the type of guy you like. If you’re into an alpa male who goes after what he wants and likes to take the lead, it’d be best to hang back and wait.
Even the seemingly shy ones will step up if they want it bad enough. I’ve had usual timid men approach me stumbling over their words. They weren’t used to doing this but saw something in me and simply had to act. How adorable is that?!

If you like to take charge and even plan your dates, then go for it. You also must have thick skin to handle the rejection or even silence.

For me the biggest attraction in a budding relationship is knowing that the guy wants me. Even if my first move lands, there will always be that question in the back of my mind. Did he really like me? Would he have spotted me across room?

Also, men are more prone to “entertain” a woman’s presence even if he’s not interested. He’ll go on dates, send texts and even claim to give you a title. All of this for the possibility to get lucky. Now of course this is not all men, but I know of men in relationships or full blown marriages who will respond to another woman’s advances. Ick.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree that a man will always make a move if he’s interested? Do you see the harm in approaching them and being “entertained”. Or do you think times have changed and women should shoot their shots more?

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