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With Christmas afterglows still stirring and Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’re sure to see a slew of brand new engagement rings crowding our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Next will be bridal shower invitations and wedding save the dates.

Of course us single ladies will be ecstatic for our comrades. We’ll toast the union over champagne, smile joyously at bridal showers and plan epic bachelorette parties. However, some will wonder when our rings are coming? When will “he” pop the question?

Well I’m here to ask… Why are we waiting for “him”? Maybe he’s in your life dragging his ice cold feet or you just haven’t met him yet.

Or is your situation more like mine? I’ve been divorced for almost a year and still have moments when my left finger feels light. I was pulling out of my garage the other day and felt like I’d forgotten something. After hitting the brakes and quickly racking my brain, I realized it was “that” ring. It happens out of the blue sometimes. I’m over the man but sometimes miss the rock. Have any other divorcees or women from broken engagements had this experience?

When feeling this way, I like to wear something absurdly large on that finger. I also ALWAYS wear a glamorously modest piece on my right ring finger which has been dubbed the single lady hand!

Do you feel light on your ring finger? Are you wanting him to propose so badly you get excited when he kneels to tie his shoe lace? Or are you dating yourself and just want a token to celebrate that single lady status?

I have the rock for you no matter your space in single hood and they’re ALL under $50!!!

Which will you choose and why?

Single Girls Chronicle: Buy Your Own Ring