This year, I’ve made a little pact with myself… I will not reserve my New Year’s resolutions until the actual countdown. I won’t eat crazy amounts (outside of cheat meals… let’s not get crazy) or overindulge on any of my vices one last time. I usually start working on my goals and plans right after Thanksgiving and it has gone quite well so far. I know we’re less than 2 weeks away, but here’s how you can start tackling your NYE goals now!

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In the past, waiting for the ball to drop has caused me to over eat, drink, slack off on organization and curse like a sailor (yes, cutting back on curse words has been a resolution for longer than I’d care to admit) My logic “This is my last chance to live it up before the new year. So lets do it big”.
What was the outcome?… Me gaining much more weight, having far too many hungover unproductive mornings and closets brimming with crazy clutter. By the time January first rolled around I had set myself back so far that I was forced to work twice as hard just regain normalcy. Then focusing past that was even more of a chore.

How you can start tackling resolutions now?… Figure out the root of each issue and start from there. Below are examples of common resolutions and how I’ve worked on them since November.

Stop Overeating and Drinking:
1. Order smaller bites from the appetizer menu when attending functions.
2. If you must drink, limit yourself to 2. That 3rd helping of eggnog, champagne and whiskey really adds up. This leads me to the 3rd tip…
3. Opt for a clear liquor on the rocks with only a splash or twist of something yummy. This will cut down a lot on calories. I like vodka on the rocks with just a squeeze of lime. However, I know most will need to cut the taste a little further with more juice. So go with a splash of your favorite flavor instead of mixing evenly with sugary drinks.
4. Pre Order your groceries online. This will limit those impulse bakery and season sweet buys. Kroger, Tom Thumb and Walmart have online features that allow you to order your items ahead of time. Then simply have them delivered to your car upon arrival.

Get and Stay Organized
1. Break tasks up into sections or days. Instead of setting aside a full day to clean out everything, Give yourself one closet, pantry or room per day. If you miss one, double up the next.
2. Give yourself an incentive. For example once I’m finished organizing, I will treat my home to deep cleaning from a professional maid service. Use the money you saved in groceries from tip 4 above.

Ditch the Snooze Button
This is a REALLY tough one for me. It’s so cold and I have the comfiest blanket in the world. I’m also a night owl who works into the wee hours of the morning. But I swear I’ll master it before 2019.
1. Set your alarm in a far away area. Keep it close enough to be heard (and annoying) but far enough that you’ll have to actually get out of bed. This will keep you from hitting snooze in your sleep or worst… turning the alarm off all together. Yikes
2. Log off at a set time nightly. Set your phone and Social Media Apps to Do Not Disturb if you must.
3. Turn off the TV a few chapters instead. That way you’ve already turned off a major distractions and can relax yourself to sleep. I’m currently reading The Secret. It eases me into in a great mind set. I have not had one bad dream since starting to read it recently.
4. No more random naps during the day. Taking a midday snooze could really mess up your inner clock. ride it out and go to bed earlier. I know this will be a tough one for some. If you’re eating lighter and drinking less, it should be easier.

Work out
This is one of the main things I prefer doing before the New Year.. Otherwise you’re part of that annoying bustle of noobies at the gym the first week of January.
1. Find something you really enjoy. Not everyone likes running on a treadmill or grunting over weights. Take up a fun dance class. Bundle up and go for a hike with your girls in a safe place or simply hit a local dance club (keep those drinks to a minimum of course.
2. Commit to a fun challenge you can do from home. It’s free and fun. You can find some really cool ones geared to your specific goals on Pinterest. I’m going with a 30 day Flat tummy challenge this time around.

I love Barre but had to cut it since it the price is high. If it is in your budget I highly recommend this fun, feminine yet strenuous workout. I would be there with bells on but I’m really needing to save for my business and future travel. Which leads me to our next and final resolution.

Be more responsible with money
1. Buying Groceries online. I know it’s a repeat but this really is the gift that keeps giving. I use Kroger’s Click List the service fee is under $5. If you’re someone who buys impulsively, you’ll save a lot more than that.
2. Stay out of Target. I know that we’re all rightfully obsessed with the Red Halo (as I’ve affectionately called it) but those dollar front aisle items can really add up. Then don’t even get me started on the gorgeous home goods section with holiday decorations that you don’t really need. If you must… wait until Christmas is over and buy next year’s decor on mega sale. They’ll be marked down so low. Patience is truly a virtue here.
3. Start adding to your savings account right now. Take out an amount (no matter how small) and transfer it over for a set goal. Maybe you want to travel, start that side business or plan a nice spa day.
4. Leave the plastic at home and shop with an allotted amount of cash only. If you see something out of budget that you must have, you’ll be forced to “sleep on it”. If it’s worth getting back out amongst holiday shoppers then you’ve earned it.

So there you have it. A cheat sheet on how to start getting your life together right now! Bookmark this post, print it and store in your gratitude journal, calendar or somewhere you’ll check daily.

I really want to see you all thrive and reach your goals as early as possible. Then we can all start setting new ones by Q2!