Surviving the Fall Blues

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Pumpkin everything and crisp weather is on the horizon. Also get ready for lots of family time and the changing of leaves (or simply falling if you live in Texas). Then of course we can’t forget those dreamy September Issues being released from magazines editors. So many of you look forward to these aspects of Fall.

Along with positives, Fall can bring on some dreary moments. We’ll experience the loss of long sunny days, back to back holidays threatening to drain your bank account and add pounds to your waist line. Then of course, it seems that everyone (but us) is getting all Boo’d Up. It’s enough to set you in an almost perpetual state of angst and even depression. I’ve experienced the Fall blues myself and over the years have gathered several tips on how to survive the Fall Blues…

Dallas Blogger

Shein Dress

Box Braids Dallas

Dress: c/o Shein / Pumps: Valentino / Bag: Chanel / Necklace: T&J Designs / Watch: Michael Kors / Lips: MAC Ruby Woo
Photography: Jaren Collins of JCi Creatives
Braids: Mayer Nettle of Hairport Braids and Style

1. It get’s dark at 5pm. This is understandably draining. You’ve just worked a full day and instead of feeling energized afterwards, you can barely muster up the energy to whip up dinner. A perfect solution is to hit the gym right after work. Those endorphins will quickly kick in and you’ll get a jump start on those New Year Resolutions. Do you already work out in the AM? Try switching times for 2 weeks and see how much extra energy you gain at night. Then when you finally do call it a night, you’ll sleep like a baby.

2. Fall Decor is EVERYWHERE and you want to partake. Instead of spending your whole check on things that you don’t need (there, I’ve said it). Simply refresh your home with small touches. Go for fall hued throw pillows from Home Goods. A cool piece of art can also update your home on a budget. Festivals and shows boom throughout the fall. So why not support a local artist? Or even have something made just for you on Etsy.

3. Those September Issues are Crazy tempting As a true fashion lover I would NEVER tell you to pass on eyeing the newest lines. Make an experience out of it. Go to your local modern publications store (like Barnes and Noble) during non peak hours. Grab all of your magazines. Browse through while sipping on a Pumpkin Spiced something. Take snap shots of the looks you love and of course buy the actual magazines you can’t live without. Then take those inspirations and find the looks at budget friendly prices. I really like sites like Shein (which is where I’ve scored today’s dress) and Chic Wish for trendy looks on a budget. You also have a high chance of scoring actual designer items for fractions of the cost at ReSale shops like Buffalo Exchange. You can find them in cities all over the U.S. I once found an originally $300 priced DFV wrap dress at the Dallas location for $49. They only buy cool retro styles or designer pieces no older than 2 years. So your likely hood of finding pieces similar to those in the magazines are very high!

4. Everyone is Boo’d Up It starts with the couple Halloween costumes and goes on until Valentine’s day. Wait… then we have wedding season. As hard as it may be for us fabulous singles, know that you’re in the exact situation for you. Relish in your singleness and know that your time comes when it’s meant. Focus on what you do have. Spend more time with your family, friends and volunteering. Don’t have a lot of friends? Then make some. Instagram is actually a great way to find groups of interest. Simply type in what you love and add your city. Ex: Dallas Fashion Lovers. Then if draft a witty DM, making sure they’re specific to each recipient. Create a fun meet up in a very public place. You could invite these people of interest to brunch or a cool movie.
You could even plan a whole photo shoot as I did here. This was the first day I had met most of these ladies and I’m still in touch with all of them till this day!

5. Those forced moments with family members Unfortunately, most of us have at least one person in our family that we dread seeing. As cliche as it sounds, it is usually a blessing to have them on this earth to annoy you. The only thing you can truly change here is your attitude to the situation. However, there are some who are toxic and dysfunctional to our personal growth. In which cases keep your distance as best as you can. Perhaps “accidentally” get to the gathering early and leave soon after their arrival. Book a hotel nearby instead of staying in the same house and focus on your favorite cousin. Blood or not, no one is worth your health and sanity.

6. You want to eat everything in site Candy at Halloween, those extra helpings of mom’s dressing at Thanksgiving then an over flowing of chocolates for Valentines Day. These are just the pivotal eating moments. Not to mention casseroles and fatty hot chocolates near the fire in between. I’ve said many times before including here that you should never deprive yourself. Refrain from over indulging and then dieting (can’t stand that word) in January. Instead, taste everything you like in moderation. Use a smaller plate at holiday dinners. A dining out tactic I like to stand by is asking your server to pre box half of your meal before it reaches your table. It’s like setting up automative savings draft from your paycheck. You can’t miss what’s not there.
Then you can have it for lunch the next day. Or order to go flatware and imediately it to someone in need.

7. Darker Days and nights are just simply depressing The best way to lift your spirits is to donate to someone else. Look up local charities and food drives. Can’t find one that speaks to you?… Then start something on your own. It can be as elaborate as a gala or as simple as gathering a group of friends and handing out blankets. buying comfy blankets.
Are you a frequent cook? Make a little extra at dinner and take it to someone hungry.
Or you can simply be there for your friends. Set aside your sad feelings and simply listen to someone else. It will be a relief to take the attention off of your feelings while genuinely helping some you love. The operative word here is give, give, give. This will make the world a little better and clear space for your imminent blessings.