Scarf: Zara, Top: Similar, Jeans: Flying Monkey, Shoes: On Sale, Handbag: Barneys, YLS: Arty Ring, Gold Rings, Coffee Mug, Watch: Michael Kors

The other day I was in the middle of working on a project from home when this cozy blanket scarf arrived at my door. It’s been sold out in stores for quite a while, so I jumped at the chance when I found it in a PoshMark closet. I know that (especially in Texas) my scarf days are numbered. So I filled up my favorite mug with hot cocoa and posed for some quick shots right outside. I’m a little sad that soon this beautiful swaddling piece will be tucked away in my closet. But not to fear, its so warm and classic that I know I’ll be pulling it back out next fall/winter and for years to come.

What about you guys? What are y’all going to miss when winter finally ends?