Dress: Pretty Pleated version / Necklace / Shoes / Clutch / Bracelets / Band Ring / Heart Ring / Sunglasses

I’ve never been one of those girls who could wear white anything without having some sort of spill or stain by the end of the day. For this reason I sadly tend to shy away from such a summer friendly shade that happens to look great on me. White parties are out of the question and I’ve even tried getting away with red, cream and blue for past 4th of July Parties.

However this pretty little dress has motivated me to overcome my fear. While it also comes in black, I could not deny the crisp, feminine feel of it in wow em’ white. So here it goes! I’ll carry handy wipes in my purse, stay away from spaghetti and only drink white wine. I mean, a dress like this is sooo worth it!

What colors have you been afraid to wear in the past? Any plans to overcome your fears?