High Slit Skirt

Gingham Shoes

It’s time to get a little vulnerable about a part of my body I always hide… my toes. I am an avid fan of closed toed pumps and find myself wearing them even when it gets crazy hot in Texas. Check out my 4 reasons for this and then how J Renee Shoes Spring line has saved me.
1. I can rarely find open toed pairs with a sturdy enough heel.
2. When said sturdy heels are found, they’re too clunky and unbecoming
3. (Ok this is where I’m gonna get vulnerable and real)… I’ve been made fun for my toes since grade school. My second toe is shorter than the third. The the first 3 “problematic digits” tend to stack on top of each other if an open peep toe’s cut is too narrow.
4. My feel would always slide to the front and leave a “grip the ground” type of situation. So you can imagine the excitement with my Spring Favorites by J Renee Shoes!…