The business cards that I ordered from Moo are here!
I had mixed feelings about them at first. I was pleasantly surprised that they were at my doorstep in only a week, and came in the most beautifully wrapped case (as shown in the first 3 photos). However when I pulled out a card to inspect, I was immediately stunned by the way it felt in my hands. I’d wanted them to be thin, glossy and with my selected photos on either side. Instead I ended up with these thick matte numbers. They appeared as two cards stuck together with a layer of premium card board in the middle.

Now before I go any further let me state that this was an error on my part and not Moo’s.
I’d ordered their Luxe Business cards without doing a better amount of research. I knew I wanted my cards to have the best look and figured that splurging on the higher priced ($139.96) option would do just that. Had I not been so eager, I would have seen that not only were they meant to be that thick, but that you can opt for different colors as your inner seam. This is a cool option for those who want to stand out. They’ll be a great little something extra to send with orders from my Poshmark closet.

However for networking at parties, events and other face-to-face encounters, I’ll use my second selection. 100 of the glossy double sided cards in the same Triptych design only cost a little of $49 with shipping. Side note: The Triptych layout will not allow one single photo on the back. I picked the same shot 3 times and then carefully lined them in place. A little time consuming but well worth it.
I also ordered 104 black round stickers with my blog name in plain white Helvetica font for $15.74.

Moo does a fantastic job at keeping you updated on your order. If one item is ready before the next they’ll go ahead and ship it. I received the Luxe cards in a week. Then when I turned around and ordered them in glossy they arrived in under 5 days! You have the option of saving you card details which makes reordering so easy. A piece of advice is to stay away from the Didot LT Pro font on a black background. I find it a little hard to make out some of my lettering. I thought this was just an issue on the Matte cards but it looked the same on glossies. Another caveat, is that the glossy cards (while beautiful) hold fingerprints really easily. I would go with the regular ply matte if this is something that would bother you.
Over all I had a good experience with Moo. I find their customer service to be stellar and regular shipping is freakishly fast! I love the way my cards turned out and look forward to networking with these babies!
Now’s the perfect time to give them a go. They’re taking 25% off all printed products until the 27th!


Ta-ta for now Bling Lovers!