Tee/Shorts/Handbag/Shoes: Similar/Rings/Cuff/Blingy Bracelet/Thin Cuff/Sunglasses/Necklace/Nails

So its looking like I’ve subconsciously chosen this week to have a few “outside of my comfort zone” moments. Monday with the crop top, Wednesday with thinking about swimsuits far before my thighs are ready and today its short ripped denim. I usually refrain from wearing shorts at all because I, like so many women am not fond of the backs of my legs. However I’m tired of sweating in the hot Texas sun and being confined to only skirts and dresses for keeping cool.

I also needed something edgy to pair with this amazing tee. My nerves were in a tizzy when I blindly ordered these vintage diy ripped babies from a Posh closet. The jitters quickly subsided once they arrived. To my giddy amazement they have the perfect baggy boyfriend fit and stop just far enough on my legs to prevent the jeopardy of a Daisy Duke situation.

Do you have any plans to fashionably step outside of your comfort zones this season? If so, are they specifically pertaining to areas that you usually try to hide?

Happy Friday!!!