This is not just for the single girl. I know many married women and girlfriends who take themselves out on dates. I’ve done this countless times over the years, coupled or not. It’s so liberating, satisfying and you get to do all the little girly things your guy may not want to do with you. You also get to know and hang out with your only true forever friend… YOU.
If you are single, it can be even more rewarding. Perhaps all of your girlfriends are busy, out of town or curled up with their boos. Maybe you have not been asked out by a true contender in a while. Should you stay at home? You can, but only if you truly want to.
With crisp patio weather, why waste a perfectly good evening or afternoon alone. Click on to read my top tips for taking yourself out on a date. There are great ideas for the seasoned and novice lone dater…