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After over 2 years of working strictly for myself, I will be entering the corporate 9 to 5 world again in January. I really enjoyed setting my own schedule and vacationing as I pleased but began to miss the structure and team aspect of an office. Entrepreneurship can also be a fickle mistress and financial security is priority number one. Fortunately I found a place that I LOVE or we actually found each other. It’s close to home, I adore my new co workers and it raises new challenges that I’m ready to tackle!

The main challenge will be balancing the corporate and Entrepreneur aspects again. Because Mama likes to keep multiple strains of income. I’ve already started working at the corporate office for a few weeks here and there. During that time, I’ve been able to seamlessly implement these 10 realistic daily tips for side hustlers. They’ve been tacked on to some I’d use while working corporate + running a business in the past. One of them includes cool ways to sport versatile pieces like this business on the left, party on the right ensemble…