Dallas Instagrammable Coffee Shops

Happy National Coffee Day! I like my coffee how I like my men… Strong, tall, dark, uncomplicated and just a little sweet…

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Dallas

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I’m not into all those extras. No foam, caramel, chocolate or pumpkin spiced anything for me. I like to actually TASTE the coffee beans. Iced or hot, I take mine extra dark with very little cream and sugar. No muss, no fuss. This is why I’ve selected the following five spots as my favorites in Dallas. Most provide adorable lattes with pretty designs or you can get that extra dark “wow these beans are intense” cup.

1. Magnolia Sous le Pont: Not only is it gorgeous on the outside with it’s signature parisian blue wall, it’s also break taking on the inside. Tucked right in the midst of Harwood District, Magnolia is minutes from Downtown/Uptown Dallas AND walking distance from my place. There’s also ample parking right out front, which is very rare for this side of town.

2. George Coffee + Provisions: This is one of the largest coffee shops in the DFW area. Its about half an hour from my Uptown neighborhodd but WELL worth the drive. Every corner is Instagrammable with it’s white walls, light hardwood floors, antique tables and palm plant corner. It’s even located within the cutest new neighborhood in Coppell Texas. One of my favorite aspects is their library that you can rent out for meetings and small events.

3. Houndstooth Coffee: I know I’m sounding like a broken record… but I had one of my strongest cups of coffee here. This is enough to win my vote alone. Then add the cool hipster atmosphere, signature Texas branded cups and unique decor. They’re also in 2 of the coolest yet laid back areas in Dallas… Knox/Henderson and Sylvan Thirty in OakCliff.

4. Ascension: This is another spacious coffee spot. You can have a small conference with co-workers or a one on one meeting. What really sets them apart is the full menu including food and a wine bar! This makes it perfect for a date as well.

5: Drugstore Cowboy: This classic spot isn’t cutesy, adorable or a place where you’d snap photos for Instagram. It IS however, a cool spot to eat, sip coffee and have cocktails! They book amazing small bands at night and turns into a sweet little lounge. This place is the gift that keeps giving and is everything to everyone.

6. Starbucks: Yes, I put the largest and most obvious chain on this list. Let me explain… Starbucks is known for their intense and bold flavored coffee which is why I’ve always loved it. However, they now provide different levels of intensities so my friends who used to shy away from it can now join me for work days. I also love that a lot of their locations have drive thrus. This makes it so convenient to load up before road trips or just to grab and take back home for lazy work days.

7. McDonalds: I know you’re probably thinking “WHAT… Micky D’s isn’t a coffee shop”. This is true, however they make a great strong cup of coffee. I was introduced to it when I used to work in a corporate office. We were out of our stocked coffee and a co-worker took pity on me and slid over a McDonalds coffee pod. Not expecting much I made a quick cup for myself and fell in LOVE. I now keep these pods stocked at home and love knowing I always have it as another quick drive thru option.

What are your favorite coffee shops and how do you take your Java? I’d love to hear from you guys in other parts of the country/world as well.