Top: Old Cropped Version, Skirt, Designer version here, Shoes: Christian Louboutin Similar, Handbag: Michael Kors, Heart Necklace, Oiu Necklace: Similar, Bow Bracelet, Pave Link Bracelet: Jcrew, Pave Bow Ring, Earrings: Asos I’m loving this color combo, Sunglasses: Target

I’ve saved the best, or at least my truth for last.
Yes, I’m the girl who would wear this outfit to the office on Valentines day. I’d send flowers and cards to my friends, twirl in a garden and smile at couples holding hands.

Did I mention that I even did this while I was single and there was no man in sight? There’s just something about all the love in the air that makes me warm and giddy. I love the fact that by 8pm the roads are riddle with couples. You can count on one hand how many cars have solo passengers. People are transporting in 2’s to their favorite restaurants where each table will be graced with roses.
It’s that day of the year that I can shamelessly wear my favorite color (pink) from head to toe. Here, I’m channeling the world’s capital of love and mixing this twirl worthy skirt with Parisian stripes.

I can’t wait to spend this day with my honey. I’m not sure what’s on the agenda, but I know that there will be lots of smiling, eye gazing and hand holding!
So what are your hopes for Valentines Day? What will you wear and what would be your dream date?